BlooDe project financed by INTERREG V FRANCE-SUISSE 2020



BlooDe project financed by INTERREG V FRANCE-SUISSE 2020

Hemostasis is the body's normal physiological response for the prevention and stopping of bleeding/hemorrhage. Hemostasis disorders lead to varying degrees of bleeding tendency or excessive blood clotting. One of the key factor of the hemostasis is a blood cell, the platelet. Realistic and global evaluation of the platelet’s activity for medical use are still flawed. Physicians need a global evaluation to attest the reality of the disorder and assess the hemorrhagic risk.
The few existing assays do not answer well enough the medical needs in terms of (i) metrology, (ii) diagnosis and (iii) prognosis. Our project “Blood Device”, or BlooDe, aims to conceive a prototype to evaluate the platelets’ activity in whole blood, in flow condition and in contact with a surface which imitates the vascular structures exposed to the blood in case of hemorrhage or abnormality of the vascular walls.

French project’s leader: Dr Wilfrid Boireau (FEMTO-ST, BioMicroDevices group, Besançon)

Swiss project’s leader: Dr Thomas Lecompte (HUG, Genève)

Partners: NVH Medicinal / EFS-BFC / CHRU Dijon / UNIGE / DiagnoSwiss

Financing INTERREG V A 2016/2018