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MACS team, December 2018.

MACS team, December 2018

Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary field in which the following disciplines act together: electronic systems (microelectronics, power electronics, sensor and actuator technology), information technology (systems theory, automation, software engineering, artificial intelligence) and mechanical systems (mechanical elements, machines, precision mechanics), mechanical part normally dominating. Nowadays, mechatronic systems can be found everywhere: in medical applications (medical robotics, dental machines), in vehicular applications (automatic gear, engines with electronics, automatic and driver-less vehicles), in production industry (industrial robotics, production lines), in aerospace (mobile robotics, robotic arms, actuated wings tillers), in precision systems (atomic force microscopes, hard disk driver, electronic-mechanical watches, microrobotics), in petroleum engineering (extraction machines, actuated networks of pipelines)...

The contribution of control theory as well as the contribution of design methodologies in the development of mechatronic systems are undeniable: gain of time during the design, designed systems that (almost) satisfy various criterias, guaranteed performances in open-loop and closed-loop manner...

At MACS research team (Methodologies for the design and for the control of mechatronic systems), our works deal with the study and development of methodologies of control techniques (including feedforward, feedback, observers, linear, nonlinear, Port-Hamiltonian approaches...) and of design devoted to mechatronic systems. The systems which are particularly treated are those working at small sizes or small mechatronic systems often called micromechatronic systems. Both of them are classified as high precision mechatronic systems. Feel free to discover our works through this website. Our works lie on the following scientific topics:

- Methodologies for the design and development of mechatronic systems,

- Observer and measurement techniques for micromechatronic systems,

- Control of systems working at the micro-nano scale and of micromechatronic systems,

- and Port-Hamiltonian systems.

If you would be interested in coming at MACS team as temporary collaborators (internships, Phd studies, post-doc fellowships...), as fixed contract collaborators (CNRS researchers...), as visiting scholars for some days to several months, to give a seminar, to discuss on institutional collaboration,..., feel free to contact us. My colleagues and I will be very glad to study your requests.

Micky Rakotondrabe,

head of the MACS team.