Port Hamiltonian systems

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This research line is concerned with the modeling and control of port-Hamiltonian systems with application to mechatronic systems. The people involved are (click on the name for the web page)


  • Yann Le Gorrec, full professor
  • Hector Ramirez, associated professor
  • Yongxin Wu, associated professor
  • Ning Liu, Phd Student
  • Jesus Toledo, Phd Student
  • AndrĂ©a Mattioni, Phd Student
  • Luis Moreno, Phd Student (co-tutelle Univ. Federico Santa Maria, Valparaiso Chile)
  • Vincent Trenchant, ATER
    Port-Hamiltonian systems (PHS) are a class of non linear control systems, specially suited for systems arising from physical applications. The conservation of energy is the center of the framework.