Best Poster Presentation Award

Best Poster Presentation Award in the 10th Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics: "Towards Biocompatible Conducting Polymer Actuated Tubes for Intracorporeal Laser Steering". Congrats to the authors and especially to the presenter: Nicolas!


We are happy to announce that our success rate to IROS conference 2016 is 100% (four accepted papers). See you in Daejeon, Korea!

AS2M scientific days

8 MiNaRob members gave talk to AS2M scientific days (2nd and 3rd June): 08h40 - 09h10 Towards Intracorporeal microrobotics – K. RABENOROSOA 9h10 - 9h30 Etude et développement de micro-robots...


Sergio LESCANO wins MEDTEC 2015 Innovation AWARDS


THE Kick-OFF of Nemro project AS2M Department, 27th March 2015 Coordinator: Brahim Tamadazte

The 2015 Innovative Surgical Robotics Forum

THE 2015 INNOVATIVE SURGICAL ROBOTICS FORUM 18 MARCH 2015 Location: Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews London, UK μRALP will present results and have hands-on demonstrations during this...