Biomedical Micromechatronic

Scientific coordinator: Kanty Rabenorosoa      –

Nicolas Andreff

Mohamed Taha Chikhaoui

Cedric Girerd

Amélie Cot

Patrick Rougeot


Meso-Microscale Parallel Robot 

The research is focused on scanning mirror for laser surgery. Minarob team is involved in design, modeling, fabrication, and control of millimetric mirror actuated by micro/smart-actuators (piezoelectric Squiggle, bimorph, electrothermal, etc.). It is done in framework of FP7 µRALP project and the collaboration with University of Florida, Gainesville (Prof. Huikay Xie).


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Continuum Mesorobot

The objective is to develop continuum mesorobots based on concentric tube robots (diameter smaller than 2.5mm) with embeded actuators. They can be used for different applications:

  • endomicroscope for early diagnosis of cancer in digestive tube
  • hybrid actuation for endonasal navigation

We develop the deposition of electro-active polymers on tube with four electrodes. It will enable to control the robot in two directions of flexion. The team is also focused on the kinematic study and performances analysis of continuum robots. With the developed prototype, closed-loop control of the robot is also studied based on the state of the art control scheme.


Related publications
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