Meso-Microscale Actuated Mirror

The research is focused on scanning and point to point mirror for laser surgery. MiNaRoB team is involved in design, modeling, fabrication, and control of millimetric mirror actuated by micro/smart-actuators (conducting polymer, piezoelectric Squiggle, bimorph, electrothermal, etc.). 

Principle of µRALP endoscopic laser surgery.

SquiPaBot: Squiggle based Parallel Robot.

We have also investigated the development of hybrid actuated mirror. The main idea is the combination of two fast actuators: electrostatic one and piezoelectric one (sol gel). The proposed design is shown below:

Design of Hybrid electrostatic-piezoelectric Integrative Actuated Microsystem.

The elementary components of the robot were developed and their assembly is on going.

Fabricated device and preliminary assembly tests.

It is done in framework of FP7 µRALP project and the collaboration with University of Florida, Gainesville (Prof. Huikay Xie). Currently, the development of the mirror is pursuing in the framework of ANR Greenshield Project.