Digital microrobotics

The nanorobotics team investigates a new paradigm in the design of microrobots by using mechanical stability instead of complex control strategies. Called digital microrobotic, this concept is based on discrete actuators (bistable and multistable modules). Switching between two or several states, these actuators guarantee a mechanical stability of the states in open loop without energy consumption unlike stick-slip, inertial or inchworms actuators. This concept has several advantages:

- Open loop control (no sensor)

- No noises sensibility

- Low energy consumption

- Adapted to precise micro manipulation in confined environment (SEM, TEM)

- Robust and easy to fabricate (monolithic microfabrication)

First generation of digital microrobots:

To be continued

Second generation of digital microrobots: 

To be continued 


Abdenbi MOHAND-OUSAID (contact info) and Philippe LUTZ (contact info)

Involved people

Ismail Bouhadda (former postdoc), Hussein Hussein (former PhD),  Abdenbi Mohand-Ousaid, Gilles Bourbon (DMA dept.), Patrice Le Moal (DMA Dept.), Yassine Haddab (LIRMM) and Philippe Lutz.

Selection of publications:

H. Hussein, I. Bouhadda, A. Mohand-Ousaid , G. Bourbon, P. Le Moal, Y. Haddab, P. Lutz, Design and fabrication of novel discrete actuators for microrobotic tasks, Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical, Volume 271, Pages 373-382, 2018.

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IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Volume 3, Issue (29), jun 2013, Pages: 641 - 649.

H. Hussein, V. Chalvet, P. Le Moal, G. Bourbon, Y. Haddab and P. Lutz, Design optimization of bistable modules electrothermally actuated for digital microrobotics, IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, pages 1273 - 1278, 2014.