The team has several robotic platforms to investigate micro and nanoscales. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you like to use one of them.

Microrobotex platform

The µROBOTEX platform dedicated to the characterization, manipulation and assembly of micro and nanosystems smaller than  10µm. The platform enables to achieve complex tasks combining robotics and fabrication in-situ SEM (Scanning Electrn Microscope). It notably combines a 6 Degrees-of-Freedom Robot, gripping tools force and vision sensing, SEM imaging, FIB and GIS processing together. Here is the website of the platform.

Biological objects mechanical characterization platform

This platform is dedicated to the mechanical characterization of single biological objects. It then combines high nanopositioning accuracy robots with multimodal sensory feedback based on vision and force providing direct measurement with exeptional range to resolution ratios. This platform has notably been jointly developped by the applied departement of FEMTO-ST and the INRA located in Nantes.