1st prize at the IEEE-NIST Mobile Microrobot International Challenge Awards (2010-2012)

The mobile microrobot called 'MagPier', developed by the french-team (composed of CODE-team of FEMTO-ST Institute and of the MICROB-team of the ISIR Institute), has demonstrated its very high speed performances during the Mobile Microrobot International Challenges organized by IEEE-NIST during the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). The french-team has got three times the1st prize for the  speed challenge in: 2010 (IEEE ICRA, Anchorage Alaska USA), 2011 (IEEE ICRA, Shanghaï China), and 2012 (IEEE ICRA, Minneapolis MN USA). Congrats to the french-team and to the microrobot. The name MagPier comes from 'magnetic piezoelectric mcirorobot'.


Fig.1 Presentation of the MagPier, and of the french-team along with different photos.



Fig.2 Sample of press-release (click on the figure to download the pdf version).



Here are samples of videos presenting the performances of the MagPier microrobot.


Video 1. Teleoperation of MagPieR.Video 2. Visual servoing of MagPieR.