Material synthesis, treatments and characterization

Material synthesis and treatments

Single crystals, powders and nanomaterials (alkaline niobates)


Powder synthesis

High temperature synthesis              (up to 1400 °C)

Vapor transport equilibration

Molten salt synthesis  of nanowires

Alkaline niobate nanowires

Material Characterization Techniques

Compositional, structural and physical properties

Raman spectroscopy

High-resolution visible micro-Raman spectrometer

Monovista, S&I

X-ray diffraction

Aeris diffractometer, Panalytical

High-temperature cell (< 500 °C)


Spectroscopic ellipsometry @ MIMENTO facilities

Refraction index, Energy gap, layer thickness, etc.

E-beam lithography

Done by E-beam and film deposition facilities @ MIMENTO

SAW devices

SAW resonators @ GHz frequencies


LiNbO3 & TiO2 waveguides