Molecular machines

One of the current challenge of nanosciences is the exploitation of molecular machines for practical mechanical applications. The aim of this research project was to develop original solutions for material and information transport at the nanometer scale. So, we focused on the observation and the analysis of rotating molecules in nanopores on silicon substrates. These systems allow to understand the movement of a unique molecule in order to develop more complex molecular systems like molecular motors.



In July, 2015, we obtained a financial support of the ANR to develop new types of molecular machines. This project, carried by the CEMES, will concern molecular design, chemical synthesis, theoretical chemistry and the STM experiences will be combined to study mechanical properties of rotors and molecular motors for which we obtained an unidirectional control of the rotation. These studies will be carried out on metallic surfaces at very low temperature and on semiconducting surface at room temperature. The transfer of a rotary movement in a series of gears, as well as the laws governing the mechanics of these movements, will be studied.