The group combines both skills in synthesis chemistry (F. Chérioux), in surface science and in scanning probe microscopy (F. Palmino, Y. Makoudi, W. Hourani and J. Jeannoutot). By merging our interdisciplinary skills, we study the basic mechanisms of supramolecular self-assemblies on silicon surfaces. We distinguish ourselves from competitors who work on noble metals or carbon surfaces because we wish that our organic-semiconductor hybrid systems are compatible with micro-technologies based on silicon wafers. We characterize all our networks by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) or by atomic force microscopy (AFM), under ultra-high vacuum and within a temperature range from 100 to 600 K. We are recognized in these domains by our peers. We chose to focus our research efforts on our strengths. However, we develop collaborations with recognized players in the numeric simulation or in low-temperature spectroscopic techniques domains when it's necessary to carry out our works.


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