Technology platform


The aim of "nanosciences" platform is to propose elaboration and characterization methods for nano-architectures. The main equipments are :

        • 2 commercial scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) and 2 atomic force microscopes (AFM)
        • 1 quartz oscillator environmental nanotribometer, developed in the laboratory


Both STM microscopes operate under ultra-high vacuum and at variable temperature (100-600 K). They have an ion gun and they can evaporate metals or molecules with recovery rates lower than atomic monolayer. The platform has an AFM microscope under ultra-high vacuum and another at atmospheric pressure. Lateral resolutions are around few picometers for STM. For AFM, height resolution is around few tenths of nanometers. The platform specializes in elaboration in situ of semiconductor substrate with silicon or rare earth silicide, skills that are rare at international scale.

The quartz oscillator nanotribometer (NTR-QCR) was developed as part of a regional research project. It allows to characterize the interfacial shear stress (between 0,01 and 100 N/m²) of discrete or continuous micro-nano objects sliding on molecular monolayers or on nanostructured thin layers. The platform also developed numeric simulations tools permitting an interpretation of all results.




 UHV chambers with STM microscopes



Location and access

The platform is located on two sites : the Montbéliard site houses the STM and AFM microscopes (contact F. Palmino, and the TEMIS Besançon site houses the nanotribometer (contact : P. Stempflé, All these installations are not in free access. To use the devices, it's necessary to make a written request at one of the contacts stated above. The platform can welcome research projects but also valorisation shares.