Observers for miniaturized mechatronic systems


In control theory, an observer is an element that provides an estimate of a physical quantity that cannot be directly measured by a sensor on the system. This estimation is usually performed based on a dynamic model of the system and on the measurement of other quantities, e.g. its inputs and outputs.

Observers for unknown micro- and nanomechatronic systems

In the framework of micro- and nanomechatronic systems, and in the very specific area of force sensors, the physical quantity that has to be estimated by the observer is the force. This force acts as an unknown input that is applied on a dynamic system that is known to some extent, leading to the concept of unknown input observers. This requires to estimate the force that is applied to a system whose dynamics is uncertain and whose measurements are tainted by errors (noise, bias, drift ...), all of that in the presence of disturbances related to the environment (vibration, temperature, humidity ...). The chosen approach to reach this goal consists in developing efficient observers for unknown systems.


Emmanuel PIAT