3 papers accepted at the 2023 microTAS conference

The BIND team will be presenting his work at the microTAS 2023 conference in Katowice, Poland from the 16th to the 19th October. The microTAS conference is the main event in the biomedical engineering community, and see every year a large number of attendees (over 500).

Three poster have been accepted, one for the post-doctoral work of Aleksander Oseev on multiplexed label-free acoustic biosensor (T176.f "Multiplexed Biosensor using Quartz-On-Silicon Micro-Acoustic (QSIM) Technology for In-Vitro Label-Free Investigation of Hemostasis "), one for PhD candidate work of Marc Prudhomme on microbubble based biosensor (M089.c "Acoustic sensing of bioanalytes with functionalized microbubbles") and finally the post-doctoral work of Mohammad Hamidullah on GaAs based acoustic biosensor using PDMS channels (W135.e "Integration of GaAs-based Lateral Field Excitation (LFE) Sensor with PDMS Microfluidic Channel: Simulation and Experimental Validation").

Three members of the BIND team (M. Prudhomme, T. Leblois and F. Chollet) attended - and enjoyed - the conference.

BIND team at µTAS 2023
Beer's law - polish version.