TriboRAMA [ANR PRCE, 2020-2024]

Project coordinated by the team and in collaboration with the SIMaP laboratory (UMR 5266) and the companies AFULudine (Dole) and Vulkam (Grenoble). The objective of the TriboRAMA project is to significantly improve the understanding, performance and tribological reliability of CuZr-based Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMG). We propose to tune the composition, microstructure, and surface properties of these materials in order to control their tribological properties.

ContactPierre-Henri Cornuault  -

COMTACT [ANR PRC, 2021-2025]

Project in collaboration with the laboratories LNC (UMR 7291), LPMT (EA 4365), LaMCoS (UMR 5259), LEAD (UMR 5022), LGF (UMR 5307) and IRCICA (EA 2697). Tactile perception relies on the stimulation of cutaneous mechanoreceptors and on the processing of the evoked response in the brain. Up to now, few studies have investigated the cascade of the whole "perception chain", from the mechanical stimuli, through the signal conversion and transmission, up to the higher-order neural processes related to the interaction between the body and the surface. The goal of the project is to understand the perceptual outcomes of touch.

Contact : Pierre-Henri Cornuault  -