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The team members


Programmable Matter

  • Julien Bourgeois, full professor, DISC (computer science) department director
  • Abdallah Makhoul, full professor, Head of the OMNI team

  • Eugen Dedu, associate professor (with habilitation)
  • Hakim Mabed, associate professor (with habilitation)
  • Benoît Piranda, associate professor (with habilitation)
  • Dominique Dhoutaut, assistant professor
  • Christelle Bloch, assistant professor
  • Philippe Canalda, assistant professor
  • Damien Charlet, assistant professor
  • Pascal Chatonnay, assistant professor
  • Jad Bassil, PhD student
  • Lina Aliouat, PhD student
  • Vishaka Basnayake, PhD student
  • Farah Hoteit, PhD student
  • Ali Medlej, PhD student (in Lebanon)


  • Florian Pescher, PhD student
  • Pierre Thalamy, PhD student
  • Thierry Arrabal, PhD student
  • Dermas Moffo, PhD student
  • Thadeu Tucci, PhD student
  • Hind Mohammed Ali, PhD student, professor in Iraq
  • André Naz, PhD student
  • Muhammad Agus Zainuddin, PhD student, professor in Indonesia
  • Haithem Skima, PhD student


Transport and mobility:

  • François Spies, full professor
  • Oumaya Baala, associate professor (with habilitation), Deputy head of the OMNI team
  • Jaafar Gaber, associate professor (with habilitation)
  • Marie-Ange Manier, associate professor (with habilitation)
  • Maxime Wack, associate professor (with habilitation), emeritus
  • Sid Lamrous, assistant professor
  • Frédéric Lassabe, assistant professor (ECC)
  • Hervé Manier, assistant professor
  • Tekin Ugur, PhD student
  • Abdallah Dabboussi, PhD student
  • Emna Laajili, PhD student
  • Lei Li, PhD student
  • Ali Skaf, PhD student
  • Mehdi Katranji, PhD student