Open positions

Doctoral positions (PhD)

Speciality Biochemistry, Biophysics, NanoBiosciences, Analytical Biochemistry
Title Decoding intercellular communication mediated by extracellular vesicles in microreactor
Duration 3 years
Beginning October 1st 2017
Deadline for applying September, 27th 2017
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Post-doctoral positions (research associate)

Speciality Medical device conception, engineering, CAD, optics, electronics and chemistry.
Title Study and development of a Li+ self-monitoring medical device to enhance adherence to treatment of bipolar disordered patients
Duration 3 years
Beginning January 2018
Deadline for applying Novembre 24, 2018
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Speciality BioMicrodevice / Microfluidic / Acoustofluidic interaction / microsensor / instrumentation
Title Development of a microdevice integrating an acoustic biosensor to
explore primary haemostasis
Duration 12 Month + 18 Month possible extension
Beginning fall 2017 to spring 2018
Salary about 45 k€ gross/year
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University professor and associate professor positions

The 2018 campaign has not opened yet.



 There are no open positions at the present time. Please feel free, however, to contact us regarding possible post-doctoral positions.