Welcome to the homepage of the OHMS group!

OHMS - Oscillateurs, Horloges, Métrologie et Systèmes (Oscillators, Clocks, Metrology and Systems)

The OHMS group is involved in the development and characterization of secondary frequency standards. The OHMS Group is leading the OSCILLATOR-IMP Equipex and is a partner of the LabeX FIRST-TF network and of the Equipex REFIMEVE+.

Our principle research area are listed below: 

Microwave secondary frequency standards : 
  • Cryogenic sapphire oscillators
  • Cs vapor cell atomic clocks based on coherent population trapping (CPT)
Optical  secondary frequency standards
  • Ultra stable Lasers 
  • All optical microwave generation
  • Compact Yb+ optical atomic clock
Digital electronics for time and frequency