Welcome to the homepage of the OHMS group!

OHMS - Oscillateurs, Horloges, Métrologie et Systèmes (Oscillators, Clocks, Metrology and Systems)

Head of OHMS group: Dr. Rodolphe Boudot [rodolphe.boudot@femto-st.fr]

The OHMS group (FEMTO-ST, Time-Frequency Department) is involved in the development and characterization of ultra-stable secondary frequency standards. The OHMS Group pilots the OSCILLATOR-IMP Equipex Platform (http://oscillator-imp.com/dokuwiki/doku.php), is a partner of LabeX FIRST-TF network (https://first-tf.fr/) and is a partner of the Equipex REFIMEVE+ project (http://www.refimeve.fr/).

Our main activities involve the development of:

- Cryogenic Sapphire Oscillators

- Miniaturized atomic clocks

- Cavity-stabilized lasers and microwave photonics

-  Yb+ ion optical atomic clock

- Yb superradiant laser

- Phase noise metrology

These activities are supported by substantial efforts in digital electronics for time and frequency and MEMS fabrication facilities through the MIMENTO platform from FEMTO-ST (https://www.femto-st.fr/fr/Plateformes-technologiques/Mimento-presentation).