Team members

Permanent staff

1- Rodolphe Boudot (CNRS researcher, HDR, Head of the OHMS Group) []

2- Yann Kersalé (Prof ENSMM) []

3- Enrico Rubiola (Professor, Universite Franche-Comté, EquipX OSC-IMP PI) []

4- Vincent Giordano (CNRS Researcher, Directeur de Recherches) []

5- Serge Galliou (Professor, ENSMM) []

6- François Vernotte (Professor, Universite Franche-Comté) []

7- Marion Delehaye (CNRS researcher) []

8- Clément Lacroûte (CNRS Researcher) []

9- Moustafa Abdel Hafiz (Assistant Professor, ENSMM) []

10- Jacques Millo (Research Engineer, ENSMM) []

11- Yannick Gruson (Engineer, CNRS) []

12- Benoît Dubois (Engineer, FEMTO-Engineering) []

13- Philippe Abbé (Engineer, ENSMM) []

14- Christophe Fluhr (Engineer, FEMTO-Engineering) []

15- Damien Teyssieux (Assistant Professor, ENSMM) []


1- Ivan Ryger [MEMS-cell optical frequency reference] []

2- Jonathan Gillot [Cavity-stabilized lasers] []

3- Johannes Barbarat [Cavity-stabilized lasers] []

4- Francisco Sebastian Ponciano [Superradiant laser][]

5- Shervin Keshavarzi [MEMS atomic clocks][][with MOSAIC group]

PhD students

1- Bachir Achi [Yb+ optical clock] []

2- Anthony Gusching [MEMS-cell optical frequency reference] []

3- Falzon Testing Talla Santerelli [Cavity-stabilized lasers] []

4- Antoine Baudiquez [Time-Frequency statistics] []

5- Shambo Mukherjee [Cavity-stabilized lasers][]

6- Martina Matusko [Superradiant laser] []

7- Clément Carlé [Microcell clocks] []

8- Martin Callejo [MEMS-cell optical frequency reference] []

9- Josipa Madunic  [Yb+ ion optical clock] []

10- Martin Hauden [Superradiant laser][]

11- Juliette Breurec [High-performance CPT atomic clock] []

Ex-PhD students/Post-docs/Members

Piotr Dziuban: now Industry in Poland.

Xiaochi Liu: post-doc NIST, ADI Group, Boulder, CO, now Beijing University (China).  

Eric Kroemer: post-doc FEMTO-ST, now Tronics Microsystems.

Vincent Maurice (with MOEMS Group): post-doc at NIST, ADI Group, Boulder, CO, USA / now in industry, Los Angeles, CA.

Jaroslaw Rutkowski (with MOEMS Group), now Industry, Poland.

Bruno François: post-doc INRIM, now AR-Electronique.

Serge Grop : now Spectratime, Switzerland.

Alexandre Didier: now post-doc PTB, Braunschweig, Germany, T. Mehlstauber's group.

Cyrus Rocher, now R&D Engineer, Spectratime, Switzerland.

Grégoire Coget, now post-doc in Georgiatech, Metz, France.

Avinash Kumar, now R&D Engineer, Cailabs, Rennes

Emmanuel Bigler (Professor, retired)

Rémy Vicarini, now in non-profit organization, Besançon

Séverine Denis, now at CSEM, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Thomas Lauprêtre

Lucas Groult

Michael Petersen, now at Syrlinks, France

Kevin Rosenziveig