Science outreach

Artist residency (march 2024)

TakT (Adèle Tilouine et Tyler Kaufman) étaient dans l’équipe Nano2BIO durant le mois de Mars 2024 pour une résidence artistique.

Find all the information on the TakT website.
Click here to watch the video made by TakT.

Welcome to students from Jules Haag.

On Wednesday, June 30th, we had the honor of hosting and giving a tour of our laboratory, where we presented our research topics to the students from Jules Haag preparatory class.

Science festival, in October

Every year, researchers from the team participate in the Science Festival to introduce the exciting world of research, to present our topics and a bit of extracellular vesicles.

Artwork creation by our students

With the assistance of TAKT, students from the team participated in creating a scale model of EVs (see photos). Following this, they continued the project independently to create a second model focusing on interatomic interactions.