We investigate the functionalization of inorganic porous structures and their integration into macroscopic devices. We develop new procedures to graft organic silane molecules into porous silicon membranes.

Functionalized-porous silicon membranes are used in anionic fuel cells, acting as membrane and as hydrogen source, allowing the replacement of platinium by cheaper metal such as nickel, or in calibration-free pH-meters.

We have a FT-IR spectrometer to quantify the number of functional groups inside the pores of the membrane  and a FT-IR microscope to map the organic grafting at the nanoscale.


Liquid pH measurement is of considerable importance in many areas.
In addition to the medical field (pharma/biotech) for which pH changes in body fluids may be the cause (or consequence) of a malfunction, the main areas in which accurate pH measurement is crucial are the agri-food industry, the chemical industry and the environment.

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