Acronym : TraThI

Project leader (in FEMTO-ST) : M.Barthès

Partnership : IUSTI (Marseille; leader), IMFT (Toulouse); LTT-UL (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Abstract :

Thanks to a multi-scale approach, the TraThI project aims at a better understanding of the transfer mechanisms at the interfaces in order to propose new heat extraction techniques, able to respond to such power density levels. The approaches will be experimental, numerical and theoretical, bringing together partners with complementary skills (thermal, two-phase flows, surface treatment, micro-fabrication, micro-sensors). The experiment we propose consists in studying the heat transfer at the transition from convection to nucleated flow. The fluid motions generated at the onset of bubble nucleation, over micrometer thicknesses, promote heat exchange. Experimentally, the resolution of thermal and fluidic measurements at the micrometer scale, coupled with the controlled structuring of nucleation surfaces at the sub-micrometer scale, will allow to study the fluid motion in the immediate vicinity of the wall from the scales of bubble nucleation to those of bubble detachment 2/ to determine and optimize the associated heat transfers. Two complementary experiments will establish a unique data bank that will serve as a reference for numerical and theoretical approaches. The numerical approaches will help to identify the near-wall temperature fields at the triggering limit of bubble nucleation. The theoretical approach, based on the heat flux partition model, will use the database established in this project to propose heat transfer laws. The results of this research work will allow us to evaluate the potential for heat transfer improvements necessary for the development of future energy technologies where heat flux densities are not accessible by current techniques.


Funding agency : ANR

Grant or funding obtained :   568 k€

Start and end dates : 10/2021– 09/2025