Radio-Frequency Phononics

We investigate electromechanical devices at the crossing of Phononics, MEMS/NEMS and electro-acoustics, to achieve coherent control of elastic vibrations at the micron-scale.

We aim at applying these devices to classical and quantum information processing, but also as a basis for the investigation of strain-mediated coupling to other physical degrees of freedom, whether optical, electrical or magnetic.

This activity relies on the development of technological processes within the MIMENTO facilities and on the implementation of dedicated optical set-ups for the characterization of elastic displacement fields.

Current project


Over the past thirty years, the remarkable technological advances in microfabrication processes have

thrust mechanical vibrations into the quantum realm. The intrinsic coherence of mechanical motion and the capability to couple it to other physical degrees of freedom hold promises of scalable hybrid quantum platforms...



Past project:


The PhoRest project aimed at the engineering of surface coupled phononic resonators for a increased control of phonon propagation and coupling. The overall objective was to push forward an original  conceptual approach to design complex systems that could contribute to the development of disruptive Information and Communication Technologies based on advanced acoustic signal processing functionalites.