Acronym : ACTION

Project leader : F. Palmino

Partnership : CEMES (Toulouse) and FEMTO-ST

Summary :

One of the main current challenges in nanosciences is the exploitation of single molecular machines for mechanical applications in the real world. In the proposed project, molecular design, chemical synthesis, theory and STM experiments will be combined to investigate the mechanical properties of molecular rotors and motors for which we can trigger and control a unidirectional rotation. We will first design prototypes of nanowinch integrating our motor capable of towing a large panel of "nanoloads" on a surface. Covering a broad range of loads will allow us to determine the effective mechanical work of this molecular motor. If validated, this strategy could be generalized to test other electricaly-adressed proposed molecular motors. In a second part, we will develop original strategies to explore the use of double-decker coordination complexes and polyaromatic hydrocarbons with star-shaped geometries as molecular gears. These studies will be performed on metallic surfaces at very low temperature and on semi-conducting surfaces at room temperature. The transfer of a rotation movement in a train of molecular gears, as well as the laws governing the mechanics of such movements, will be studied.

Nature of the project : research

Funding agency : ANR

Grant of funding obtained : 400 k€

Project start and end date : 02/2016 – 08/2020