Full Professors

Bernard Dulmet Responsible of the MEMS Activity                                                                                                                 
Michel Lenczner Responsible of CoSyMA, Multiscale Modeling

Associate Professors

Virginie Blondeau-Patissier HDR - Responsible of SAW sensor activity for environnemental monitoring and  of  X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometry (XPS) for chemical characterization of materials
Emile Carry  Electronics
Jean-Michel Friedt

HDR - Responsible of the System Activity and of the Joint Laboratory FAST-LAB. Biosensor metrology, software defined radio, passive wireless sensor systems .                           

      Nicolas Ratier Electronics, Sofware Development

Chair of Excellence

  Ausrine Bartasyte Associate Professor - HDR - Responsible of the Material Activity. Advanced functional piezoelectric materials & heterostructures for miniaturized and/or integrated devices  in acoustics, optics and energy harvesting.

Permanent Technical Staff

Thomas Baron HDR - PhD Engineer, Micro Fabrication, Responsible of the Joint Laboratory PhASES
William Daniau R&D PhD Engineer, Simulation Tools and Clean Room Fabrication.
Gilles Martin Engineer, Analog Electronics
Valérie Soumann Engineer, Packaging

Temporary Technical Staff

     CAVALLARO Antonio Project Manager                                                                                                        
DJOUMI Lyes PhD Engineer SAW Sensors
IVAN Mihaela Eugenia PhD Engineer Capacitive MEMS Resonators
OLIVERI Stefania PhD Engineer
VANOTTI Meddy PhD Engineer, SAW sensor simulation and fabrication, surface fonctionnalization, environmental monitoring
WONG Guillaume PhD Engineer 

PhD Students

      ALMIRALL Anthony Development of Next-Generation BAW Filters                                                                     
ASTIé Vincent Industrialization of Alkaline Niobate Depositions by DLI-CVD
 CLEMENTI Giacomo Vibrational Energy Harvesting by Lead-Free Piezoelectric Films
 HUGEAT Arthur Computer Science, FPGA
 KUPRENAITE Sabina Development of Electrodes and Bragg Mirrors for BAW Filters
 MATIC Alexandre
 PAQUIT Melvin
 SAGNARD Marianne
 SCHOTT François Optimization of Micro Acoustic Devices
 TRINH Nguyen Nhat Binh Multiscale Modeling