Associate Professors

Virginie Blondeau-Patissier
HDR - Responsible of SAW sensor activity for environnemental monitoring and  of  X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometry (XPS) for chemical characterization of materials
Emile Carry Electronics
Jean-Michel Friedt

HDR - Responsible of the System Activity and of the Joint Laboratory FAST-LAB. Biosensor metrology, software defined radio, passive wireless sensor systems.                           

Permanent Technical Staff

Thomas Baron

HDR - PhD Engineer, Micro Fabrication,

Responsible of the CoSyMA team

Responsible of MIMENTO Platform

William Daniau
R&D PhD Engineer, Simulation Tools and Clean Room Fabrication.
Gilles Martin
Engineer, Analog Electronics
Valérie Soumann
Engineer, Packaging

Temporary Technical Staff

Meddy VanottiPhD Engineer, SAW sensor simulation and fabrication, surface fonctionnalization, environmental monitoring
Thomas Richard
Aurelie Broussier
Sacha Poisson 

PhD Students

Ghida Fawaz                                                           
Einstein Huayanay
Baptiste Fischer-Kaszuba