Capacitive MEMS Resonators

A Research on C-MARs (Capacitive Micro-Acoustical Resonators) started at T&F Department in 2009. This research focuses on the improvement of full silicon acoustic resonators through the concept of energy-trapping of elastic waves... to read more

Digital signal processing of radiofrequency signals

Keeping time has been a requirement for a long time, if only for navigators to measure longitude and position their ships during long journeys through oceans [1]. Current time dissemination have become more stringent, with applications ranging from time-synchronization of communications (e.g. TDMA in GSM), bank transfers or time-synchronization over computer networks (NTP)... to read more

Functional materials with designed physical properties

High Frequency RF Filters

Radio frequency (RF) filter products (market of €4.3BN in 2016) are used in the fields of information & communication, automotive navigation/toll systems, medical instruments, industry, household appliances, military applications, etc. Evolution of communication systems and continuously increasing transmission of information through different channels (4G) require on one hand increasing the number of bands assigned for transmission of data (up to 8) and on the other hand increasing the width of pass band and/or the working frequency in order to intensify the transmission of data... to read more

Micro-Acoustic Sources

Multiscale Modeling and Control

Surface Acoustic Waves Sensors for Environmental control

Surface acoustic waves (SAWs) are well known for their high sensitivity to changes in the properties of the propagation medium. In our research team, we use SAW devices to produce sensors to measure environmental parameters. The purpose of our sensors is to interact with the external environment to measure their physico-chemical properties... to read more

Single crystals, films, heterostructures & nanostructures

Wireless passive sensor systems

 Single port acoustic resonators are well suited for applications aimed at monitoring the evolution of physical quantities through a wireless link. In such an application, the sensing element, based on a single crystal piezoelectric substrate patterned with electrodes, is not powered by a local battery but remotely by loading energy though a RADAR-like interrogation sequence... to read more