Components & Systems for Micro-Acoustics


The COSYMA team (COmponents and SYstems for Micro-Acoustics) is specialized in the development and exploitation of acoustic wave components (Bulk Acoustic Waves and Surface Acoustic Waves) and the use of digital signal processing (Software Defined Radio) for time and frequency dissemination.

Research Topics

The team applications are focused on frequency sources and filters for telecommunications and on sensors. The research and development activities cover a broad spectrum of scientific and technological fields with a common goal of building micro-acoustic based high-performance devices matching with today and future industry requirements.

Strong Industry Partnerships

The CoSyMA team has a strong involvement in industrial collaborations with long terms partnership.

Involvement in Local Projects and Facilities

Most of the technological projects are using and then supporting the MIMENTO technology plant of the RENATECH network and of significant characterization means.

CoSyMa participates to both LABEX FIRST-TF and EUR-EPHI. Its activity is well identified in the themes : structured thin films, functionalized surfaces, manufacturing of micro / nano materials, micro / nano-technologies and time-frequency.  

  Main Industrial Partnerships