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Micro and nano-scales are unbelievably concentrating scientific and technological challenges. There are now pressing needs to conduct ground-basis investigations especially at the level of elementary objects such as biological ones (cells, natural fibers, DNA…) and artificial ones (nanowires, integrated optics components, nanocrystals, nano-antenna, metamaterials and nanolamellas).

In this scope, we are investigating a robotic approach that is disruptive at these scales, consisting in the characterization, manipulation and assembly of single components. This approach enables to combine high flexibility, dexterity and accuracy together, opening to new ways to understand phenomena at the micro and nano-scales. It also aims at establishing the proof-of-concept for “smarter, cleaner and intelligent” technologies able to manufacture the next generation of high added value micro and nanodevices.

Works notably focuss on key challenges:

- modelling and design of micro-nanorobotic and micromechatronic systems based on smart materials, soft or polyarticulated robot architectures

- controlling of robots based on sensor feedback or calibration approaches and proposing original manipulation strategies

- developing innovative measurement techniques (force, vision, 3D reconstruction, ….)

- demonstrating high performance tasks (dexterous, accurate, high dynamics...) especially in-situ SEM