Workshop on the applications of micro-nanorobotics - ICRA 2020

This full day workshop will take place during to the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2020). It aims to bring together people across the world to present an overview of the application domains of micro/nano robotics, and the challenges that should be addressed to bring current systems to industry.

The film Stardust Odyssey obtains a Guinness Book World Record

FEMTO-ST, Univ. Libre de Bruxelles and Darrowan prod have produced a stop-motion film on David Bowie with the smallest tridimensional figure in the world (Guinness World record). As the height of the figurine is 300 microns, a scanning electronic microscope (SEM) has been necessary to make pictures. The positioning of the figurines printed with a two-photons nanoprinter in the SEM vacuum chamber has been done by our highly precise miniaturized robots.

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Workshop on "Manipulation and Characterization at the Microscale"

This two days workshop aims at investigating novel techniques to manipulate and perform characterization of single microscale objects that are either biological ones  - DAY1 of the workshop - or that are fibers (plant or synthetic ones)  - DAY2 of the workshop.

Award for the "Photonic microsystem made by dynamic microassembly"

These works obtained the "innovation in optomechatronic research"  award at the 19th International Symposium on Optomechatronic technology that took place in Cancun, Mexico, between the 5th to the 8th of Nov 2018. More information are available using this link.

Jean-Antoine SEON receives the 2nd best national PhD. thesis award in robotics

Congratulation to Jean-Antoine for his PhD thesis works dealing with a microrobotic dexterous hand that notably conducted to new methods of planning the fingers of the micro-hand in order to perform reversals of miniature objects of a few hundreds of micrometers. More information  are available using this link.

"Golden Micron" award for the most dexterous 7 DoF miniature robot

This award was obtained by Wissem Haouas and co-workers at the Micronora - international microtechnology trade-fair for a highly innovative robot combining 6 Dof (Degrees of Freedom) and gripping functionalities together. The robot if based on a parallel robot architecture providing an unprecedented dexterity within 1 cm3. More information are available on the two following links: link1.

Special session organized - MARSS 2018

A special session entitled "innovative Tools and Methods for Automated, Accurate and Complex Tasks at Micro-Nanoscales" organized to the International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Munich, Germany, August 2018 by Redwan Dahmouche, Cédric Clévy and Michael Gauthier.

Robotic Micro-assembly of the Smallest Micro-house of the world

Congratulation to Jean-Yves Rauch, Olivier Lehmann and Co-workers for their work demonstrating the ability to assemble complex devices at the tip of optical fibers demonstrating the potential for versatile and highly accurate nanorobotics and origami principle.

Download the PDF version of the paper.

Bruno Sauvet receives the Prestige Award

Congratulation to Bruno Sauvet who received the PRESTIGE award of the PRESTIGE programme, coordinated by Campus France and co-funded by the Marie Curie Actions-COFUND of the FP7. PRESTIGE aims at fostering the international mobility of post-doc researchers.

Success story of Percipio Robotics

Percipio Robotics SA start-up of our FEMTO-ST in the field of robotic microassembly receives the National Price for "collaborative robotics". Percipio Robotics is hiring 21 persons and selling autonomous micro-assembly machines able to assemble the smallest components in the world. Every day, 20 000 microproducts are assembled in the world by Percipio Robotics machine. Their motto : "If nobody can do it, it's time to challenge us": .

Bilal Komati receives the best PhD thesis award in Robotics

Congratulation to Bilal Komati who receives the best French PhD thesis award in robotics by the GDR-robotics (the French academic and industrial network on robotics). His phD thesis is entitled "Hybrid Force-Position Control for automated robotic micro-assembly".

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Download the PhD thesis manuscript in PDF.

Best Automation paper at ICRA

Guillaume Laurent & co-workers (FEMTO-ST) receive the Best Automation Paper Award during the ICRA (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation) for the design, modeling and control of a modular contactless wafer handling system.

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Download the PDF version of the paper.