Multi-scale Origami Achitectures

The recent development of smart polymers (EAP, SMP, DE, etc.) leads to their fast integration on mechanisms to obtain outstanding behavior robots. Our approach is to combine the use of innovative polymers on cutting-edge mechanisms through the complete process of design, modeling, prototype fabrication, and experimental performance assessment. The targeted application is biomedical one but we are open for others through collaboration.

Design & Modeling

Innovative design is proposed in order to address the challenges from the applications. It can be bio-inspired or based on cutting-edge mechanism. Especially, we are interesting to develop continuum and origami-based mechanisms.

Fabrication & Control

Our investigation is focused on sensor-based control. The more efficient control scheme is chosen and implemented in order to comply with the application's specifications.

Involved persons

Amine Benouhiba (PhD), Léo Wurtz (Engineer), Kanty Rabenorosoa (contact), Nicolas Andreff, Philippe Lutz, Cédric Clévy, Morvan Ouisse. 

Related publications

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