Cédric Clévy

FEMTO-ST Institute, Franche Comte University, France


Tentative title:

Robotic assembly for integrated optics at the micro and nano-scales – Confirmed



Despite the tremendous needs for hybrid optical devices integrating heterogeneous basic blocks in a 3D way remains highly challenging at both micro and nanoscales. The talk will introduce innovative microrobotic tools and methods aiming at breaking this barrier by considering components one by one independently once they are manufactured. This serial approach appears original but clearly aims at bringing a high flexibility, targeting high-added value products through opening to many original and inventive combinations of basic components to the dynamic manipulation and assembly of optical components. The talk will provide key approaches and results to manufacture integrated optical devices based on robotics at small scales.



Cédric Clévy is Associate Professor at the University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France working in the AS2M (Automatic Control and MicroMechatronic Systems) department of FEMTO-ST Institute. His research interests are the design, modeling and control of microrobotic and micro-assembly systems especially for integrated optics. Cédric Clévy currently leads the "Micro and Nanorobotics" research team of the FEMTO-ST Institute and co-leads the thematic research group "multiscale manipulation" of the Robotics Group of Research from the CNRS - National Research Center. He is also an active member of the IEEE/RAS technical committee for "Micro/Nano Robotics and Automation".