Jean-Christophe Villain

Percipio Robotics, France


Tentative title:

Modular industrial robotics for sustainable and scaling up high precision assembly in ultra miniature product manufacturing



If micro manipulation and micro assembly techniques has been the subject of many research works in the last decade, the design of machines that exploits these technics to perform high performances assembly is a great challenge. Percipio Robotics develop future concepts, tools and technologies to create multifunctional and reconfigurable robotic modules, which guaranty robustness, autonomy and productivity in production of ultra-miniature products. Indeed, multifunctional modules will be interchangeable so that one can replace a defective one with minor production disturbance. One set of modules can be used to produce different products and their re-configurability will allow production optimization, for example starting at the same time the production of different kinds of products or switching easily from one product reference to another. These modules can then be used in each production phase of a same reference of products, from initial assembly tests phase to large-series phase, which will enable production scaling-up in the production plant. 



Jean-Christophe VILLAIN is deputy CEO at Percipio Robotics. Percipio Robotics is a FEMTO-ST institute spin-off company founded in 2011, based in Besançon, France, and is specialized in micro-handling and micro-assembly robotics. Our tools allow us to design and set up cobotic or automatic solutions able to assemble micro technical components with very tight assembly tolerances, in the micron range. Our expertise allows us to implement the most innovative solutions to realize systems overcoming the limits of miniaturization.