Sinan Haliyo

ISIR Institute, Sorbonne Université, France


Tentative title:

Interactive force-feedback optical robots: a novel instrument for experimental biology


Single cell manipulation is considered a key technology in biomedical research. However the lack of intuitive and effective systems make this technology less accessible. We propose a new tele-robotic solution for dexterous cell manipulation through optical tweezers.  It allows  the simultaneous manipulation of more than 15 optical traps in a large workspace with nanometric resolution, and provides real-time haptic feedback. It also leverages remotely operated optobots, untethered microstructures controlled in 6D with multiple traps, which can be used as tools for specific tasks



Sinan Haliyo is an associate professor at Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR), Sorbonne University, Paris, and has been active in robotics since 1999.

His main topics of interest include control and design issues, physical interactions and user interfaces for micro-scale applications in assembly, characterization and user training. He also takes a particular interest in human-computer interaction issues in remote handling and teleoperation, especially with haptics and multimodal interfaces.