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Know-hows and research axes


The current research activities of Bio Microdevices group address a common objective:

Detection, characterization and quantification of biomolecules, cells in fluids for a better knowledge of biological, agrifood and environmental mechanisms.
In state of the art activities focuses on:

  • biosensing and actuating in fluids: study of acousto-fluidic interactions using acoustic waves
  • exploring living cells, molecules and their interactions with the environment: platform of label free characterization using SPR, AFM, Mass spectrometry, flow cytometry…
  • integrating of advanced materials, specific biointerfaces, microfluidics and biomolecules for innovative MEMS

To reach the objectives, the group relies on multidisciplinary skills in biochemistry, engineering sciences and an important technological potential. The strong link with the Besançon Clinical Investigation Centre for Innovative Technology and the Besançon university hospital are also evidence of the commitment to the needs of actors in the medical and biological world for patients.

Know-hows and research axes are summarized in the following picture.