Welcome to Agathe Figarol, new ISIFC lecturer !

I first studied bioengineering in the UTC in Compiègne, and got a master in Health and the Environment at Cranfield University (UK). I started there to work on the impacts of the nanomaterials properties on their cellular toxicity. I dug further on this subject focusing on carbon nanotubes during my PhD in the Ecole des Mines de St-Etienne. After a year as a regulatory toxicologist in Paris, I came back in the academic research with a first postdoctoral in Toulouse in nanomedicine (at the IMRCP and IPBS laboratories). I then flew to Japan, where, for over 2 years, I developed a 3D in vitro model of the brain vasculature in Osaka University. Last year, I taught toxicology in the pharmaceutical faculty of Nancy, and was involved in researches on nanotoxicology, cellular impacts of ultrasounds, and cancer-on-chip (at the Jean Lamour Institute).

In the BMD team, I wish to develop “on-chip” vascularized tissues to model healthy and tumoral interactions with engineered or biological nanocarriers.