Welcome to Benjamin Brunel, new ISIFC lecturer !


Starting from a background in fundamental physics at the ENS Cachan, I progressively moved towards applications in health sciences. After a master on biological systems and physical concepts at Paris-Sud University, I went a year in Japan (NIMS institute) to experiment nanoparticles as a glue for aggregating non-adherent cells. Back in France, I did my PhD in Grenoble (LiPhy laboratory) on dynamic light scattering in optically thick tissues to measure cell displacements. Then, I worked in the University of Reims (BioSpecT unit) on predicting colon cancer therapy efficiency from their vibrational spectroscopy signature analyzed with machine learning. From now on I want to develop a Raman sensor for multiplexed blood analysis. The idea is to combine microfluidics and Raman spectroscopy to quantify common analytes in a faster and cheaper way than current methods.