M. Bruno Bonnell, general secretary for investment in charge of the France2030 program, visit FEMTO-ST!

M. Bruno Bonnell, SGPI, observing cell sorting chip used for the production of innovative drugs in the framework of the MIMEDI project.

M. Bruno Bonnell,  general secretary for investment (SGPI), in charge of overseeing the France2030 program has been visiting FEMTO-ST on the 4/10/2022. Among the more than 20 projects presented during this visit, he could see the results of the Mimedi project that aims to produce innovative drugs for personnalized medicine.

He is shown in the figure as he observes using a binocular, the operation of cell sorting, for separating red and white blood cell using a microfluidic chip and acoustic forces (acoustophoresis).

Let's hope that what he saw gave inspiration for steering the important France2030 program !