Group members

Permanent staff

Annie Frelet-Barrand

PhD, CNRS Researcher
Bioengineering and functional characterization of (membrane) proteins

Wilfrid Boireau

PhD, CNRS Senior Researcher
Bio-engineering, microtechnologies and nanostructured materials for the development of sensors and analytical platforms

Benjamin Brunel

PhD, ISIFC Lecturer

Raman analysis, AI based classification

Gonzalo Cabodevila

PhD, ENSMM Lecturer (currently on leave and at the BFC region research council)
Microsystems, automatic control, signal processing

Franck Chollet

PhD, UFC Professor
Microsystems, microfluidics, microfabrication

Jérome Dejeu

PhD, Lecturer Université Grenoble Alpes

Biomolecular interactions, physico-chemistry, surface fonctionnalization

Céline Elie-Caille

PhD, UFC Lecturer
Nanostructuration and nanocharacterization of surfaces and biological entities by atomic force microscopy

Agathe Figarol

PhD, ISIFC lecturer

3D in vitro model of the brain vasculature, nanotoxicology, cellular impacts of ultrasounds, and cancer-on-chip

Vincent Humblot

PhD, CNRS Researcher
Physico-chemistry and bio-interface engineering

Thérèse Leblois

PhD, Group leader, UFC Professor
Design and fabrication of acoustic wave microsensors, micromachining in piezoelectric crystals and silicon

Jean-François Manceau

PhD, UFC Professor
Microsystems, instrumentation, acoustofluidic interactions

Christian Pieralli

PhD, CNRS Senior Researcher
Optical instrumentation, biomedical optics

Alain Rouleau

UFC Engineer
Specialist in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technologies Technical lead of the proteomic platform of Besançon

Bruno Wacogne

PhD, CNRS Senior Researcher
Optics, microsystems, translational research

Rabah Zeggari

PhD, Associate member, Engineer at FEMTO-Engineering (Besançon)
Micro & Nanotechnology Engineer in charge of BioMEMS and NEMS developments.

Non-permanent staff

Charles-Louis Azzopardi

PhD, Research engineer financed by H2020 project R-LiNK
Treatment adherence improvement for bipolar patient.

Olivia Ben M'Barek

PhD student

Development of a specific bio-interface for the detection of pathogenic bacteria in the food industry

Reinaldo Chacon

PhD, post-doc financed by Intereg project Becom

Parylene for microfuidics

Julien Dufourmantelle

PhD, post-doc financed by Region Franche-Comte (Entrepreneurship PhD scholarship).
Development of a micro-sensor to follow milk coagulation.

Daniel Guneysu

PhD student, financed by ANR MADNESS.
On chip qualification of a subpopulation of EVs sorted by microfluidic approach.

Mohammed Hamidullah

PhD, Post-doc financed by Marie Curie funding
Acoustic sensing in liquid on AsGa for biology

Saber Hammami

PhD, Post-doc financed by Mimédi project

Combination of miniature multiplex resonant biosensor with microfluidic technology for the detection of potential contamination in blood products.

Florian Jouy

Engineer, financed by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) Mimedi project.
Acoustic detection and sorting of biological elements in blood.

Sylvain Midrouet

PhD student, Region Franche-Comte ICE Entrepreneurship scholarship.
Development of haemostasis assesment tool.

Marc Prudhomme

PhD student, Région BFC/EUR EIPHI scholarship, BIAcoustic project
Acousto-fluidics in water emulsion and foam for detection of bio-analytes

Geetika Raizada

PhD student, Région BFC/EUR EIPHI scholarship

High-speed and discriminant morphomechanical analysis of sub-populations of extracellular vesicles (EVs) trapped on a multiplex chip

Thibaut Zwingelstein

PhD, Post-Doc financed by Intereg project Meteor

Development and characterization of surfaces with antibacterial properties


Aleksandr Oseev


PhD, Post-doc financed by ANR “GHOST” project currently engineer at .
GHOST project is a collaborative project of FEMTO-ST, NVH, CHRU Dijon and EFS-BFC. It is focused on the development of innovative microfluidic analytical platform for the complex analysis of primary haemostasis.

Namasivayam Balasubramaniam


PhD, Region Franche-Comte scholarship, currently
Decoding Intracellular communication mediated by Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) In microreactor.

Adeline Marguier


PhD, Post-Doc on Meteor project

Development and characterization of surfaces with antibacterial properties

Svenja Hermann


PhD in collaboration with MMT company and Applied Mechanics Department, CIFRE scholarship, currently Post-Doc at FEMTO-ST
Modeling and experimental characterization of flexible ferromagnetic materials - Application to the realization of low power mechatronic devices

Claude Humbert


PhD and Post-doc, co-supervised with DMA department, Labex ACTION scholarship, currently post-doc
Arrays of resonant MEMS of mechanically coupled membrane types. Application to biological molecules detection and quantification in a liquid.

Mohammad Hussein Baz


Master Nanotechnology, Research engineer financed by RIS3 FEDER project MiMédi, currently PhD student at LAAS, Toulouse
In charge of characterization of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products by biochemical and biophysical characterizations as part of the MiMédI project.

Emmanuel Attal


PhD, currently lecturer at Chartres IUT (Université d'Orléans)


Acoustics for biomedical engineering.

Fabien Remy-Martin


Post-doc currently RD Engineer at RD-Biotech, Besançon
Detection and quantification of biological elements by acoustic sensor.

Financed by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) Mimedi project.

Emma Schenckbecher


PhD, Engineer financed by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) Mimedi project and CNRS.
Cell biology, biochemistry and biophysics.

Aymen Jallouli


Post-doc, currently Post-doc at FEMTO-ST Institute
Development of new Braille interfaces for blind and highly visually-impaired people based on MEMS technology and study of acousto-fluidic chips for biomedical sensing.

Financed by Eurobraille, Paris, FUI Bisceltech and EUR PafLeCabo project.

Déborah Legrand


Chemistry Engineer
Cell biology, biochemistry and biophysics

Financed by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) Mimedi project.

Antony Flourieusse


Engineer assistant
Cloning and expressing human membrane proteins in L. Lactis bactery.

Financed by ANR CaveoTank

Ksenia Maximova

PhD, currently Post-Doc at ANU, Camberra, Australia
Research Engineer funded by European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) MiMédi project
Monitoring and qualification of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products. Biophysical characterization of biological objects by the means of SPR, AFM and TRPS.

Reda Yahiaoui

PhD, Currently at UFC, Nanomédecine laboratory
Microsystems, embedded systems

Juliana Chawich

PhD, Currently Post-Doc with Univ. Sherbrooke, Canada
ZnO/GaAs-based acoustic waves microsensor for the detection of bacteria in complex liquid media
PhD Thesis financed by Région FC and joint supervision with Univ. Sherbrooke (Canada).

Benoît Le Roy de Boiseaumarié

Materials engineer
BlooDe Project

Ahmad el Youssef

Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant at ISIFC

Audrey Guitton

Currently engineer at Paris-Sud University
Proteins purification and characterization (electrophoresis, immunoassays and SPR)

Charles-Louis Azzopardi

PhD, Currently Post-Doc at FEMTO-ST, MN2S
Acoustic wave coupled diphasics microfluidics for biological sensing application
PhD Thesis financed by MENRT

Rutjaphan Kateklum

PhD, Currently Lecturer at Chiang Mai University
Localized measurement of membrane pH of cultured cells
PhD joint supervision with Chiang Mai University (Thailand).

Sameh Obeid

PhD, Currently Post-doc at INRA of Rennes
Analyse quantitative et qualitative sur puce de vésicules extracellulaires en milieux complexes au sein d'une plateforme nanobioanalytique.

PhD thesis financed by

Vivien Lacour

PhD, Currently CTO at Eden Microfluidics
Acousto-fluidic interactions in a biosensor network for in vitro diagnostic
PhD Thesis financed by Région FC cotutelle with Univ. Sherbrooke - Canada)

Clélia Decourbey

Molecular interactions characterization by SPR techniques

Etienne Herth

PhD, Current position at IEF
CNRS Research Engineer

Nathalie Tarchichi

PhD, Current position as Post-doc, B. Scheid microfluidics group, ULB, Brussels, Belgium.
Tunable diphasic microfluidics.
PhD Thesis financed by MENRT

Alex Bienaimé

PhD, Current position Engineer R&D in ElectroMedical System, SA Nyon, Suisse
Microcapteur en Arséniure de Gallium pour la détection de molécules dans un fluide.
PhD Thesis financed by MENRT

Céline Heu

PhD, Current position Research Associate / Biomedical Imaging facilities / UNSW, Australia
Vieillissement des barrières biologiques. : caractérisation morphologique et fonctionnelle d'un modèle de stress environnemntal induit chez la lignée kératinocytaire humaine HaCat.
PhD Thesis financed by Région FC

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