Welcome to Jérôme Dejeu - new lecturer from Grenoble !

I am Jérôme DEJEU, Assistant Professor at the University of Grenoble Alpes in delegation at the University of Franche-Comté and FEMTO-ST Institute at BMD team.

I am 41 years old, married and have two children aged 7 and 9 years. After completing all my studies in Besançon, I obtained my PhD thesis in 2007 in the UTINAM Institute under the direction of Prs. A. Foissy and F. Membrey, entitled, "Films of two self-assembled polymers: polyallylamine hydrochloride (PAH) and sodium sulfonate polystyrene (PSS); Growth mechanism and stability". Then, after a year of ATER, I did a 4-year post-doctoral at the AS2M department of the FEMTO-ST Institute under the supervision of Dr. Michaël Gauthier to develop sticky or non-sticky surfaces to make micromanipulation tasks more reliable. In 2012, I was recruited as assistant Professor in Grenoble in the Engineering and Biomolecular Interactions team (I2BM) of the Department of Molecular Chemistry (DCM).I have developed projects around the characterization of biomolecular interactions, largely with DNA but not only, with techniques such as QCM-D, SPR, and interferometry. This led me to work on particular forms of DNA: G-quadruplexes or aptamers. I also developed a model to better understand the resulting SPR signals. This work enabled me to obtain my HDR in 2017 and to be author of nearly 50 publications. For family reasons, I asked a delegation to Besançon which was accepted. I will continue some of my research activities as part of ongoing collaborations or student works to be completed but I will develop, in the Biomicrodevices Group, new activities. In particular, I would like to compare my SPR model with other SPR systems such as SPRi, develop new surfaces for SPR and use aptamers for recognition and capture of microvesicles in sophisticated (multiplexed) biochips.