Start of the "Myeloma project" is in the news !

A myeloma is a bone marrow cancer affecting about 4,000 new patients per year in France. The "Projet Myélome" (Myeloma project) aims to better diagnose and treat this bone marrow cancer using a detailed analysis of the plasma of patients, particularly using the tools for extracellular vesicle analysis developped at FEMTO-ST Institute.

The project began in early November 2020, mobilizing researchers from our BioMicroDevices group at the FEMTO-ST Institute in Besançon, in conjunction with researchers in Geneva (Switzerland) and in Saint-Étienne.

The Est Républicain, the main Franche-Comté/Lorraine regional newspaper, is highlighting the start of the Myeloma project in his 21/11/2020 edition.